Monday, June 4, 2012

Well behaved and differences

I was just thinking yesterday that Parker is very well behaved. He has had behaviourists come to our house since he was going on 5 and he is 9 now. I think it made a world of difference. I was in the grocery store with him yesterday and I was marveling at how good he was doing. We had a long talk about how it's not ok to be loud about people who look different. He seemed to really get it and tried hard not to say anything loud about anyone who looked different. He really liked me explaining it to him. Lately it's been an isssue with him. He asks a lot of questions and is very observant. When he sees anything different he asks about it loudly. I told him that it could hurt peoples feelings and that he could ask me about it quietly or later on. Also, this weekend was the neighboring towns-town yard sale. He loves to ask people if he can use their bathrooms while we are at them. We had a talk about it before hand and he didn't ask anyone to use their bathroom. I think with Parker it just takes a little prep work before hand to prevent behaviours. I am just so proud of him and how far he has oome. I am just in love with that boy! There are some issues that are hard no matter what we do. His anxiety. His fears overtake his behaviours. He almost can't function when confronted with his fears. (Macey crying, dogs barking, getting shocked by someone, really loud noises, snakes, and bugs) That is something we have to work on. His new thing that is hard is his fear of getting shocked. He drags his feet and gets shocked on playgrounds, our trampoline and in stores. That makes him not want to hold my hand when we cross the parkinglot from a store, yell in a store for me to not touch him and not want to play on an indoor playground or our trampoline. The other day we were leaving the grocery store and it was really busy. I wanted him to hold my hand but he was too scared of getting shocked. I finally convinced him to hold onto the shopping cart to cross the street. We need to work on deep breathing and other ways to refocus. Work in progress.


D..J. Kirkby said...

I don't like getting shocked either, it makes me VERY ANGRY even at my age of 45 :( but I keep working on it and believing that I get better at neurotypical behaviours every time I try

Bobbi said...

I've been looking online for some sort of static stopped for him. I'll let you know if I find anything good. Please tell me his fear of shocking won't last that long, lol.