Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long day!

First I went thrift store shopping with my Mom. Love it! Afterwards I picked Parker up at school. The teacher said he'd been limping and whiney alot and I should get his ankle looked at. Usually I'm overly cautious about things but this morning he said he felt fine. Took him to the dr. and there is nothing broken. We had to sit for 4 hours at the clinic waiting to be seen. Parker was so well behaved while we were waiting. He whined a little but he totally listened to me and there were no meltdowns. The x-ray tech said he was her best patent today. Parker loved riding in the wheel chair. I guess he'll just have to take it easy for a couple days. What a turkey.

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Kristi Peifer said...

Ooh, thrift store shopping! I love doing that, too. I'm usually looking for something in particular.

Glad to hear Parker did so well waiting! Our youngest doesn't generally do waiting well. Four hours is a loooooong time. Way to go, Parker!