Saturday, March 6, 2010


We are finally moved into our new house. We just love it! It is so nice and so big. I will post pics after everything is put away and set up. Parker has been having a little hard time adjusting but I think he likes it. He definately likes the garage. He also likes the bathrooms, lol. We have two now instead of one. He is getting a little more used to the baby also. He will kiss her or pet her on the head when she is quiet. He still follows me around when I am holding her but it's gettig better. He still doesn't like the crying, but doesn't always get upset. He is starting to recognise that she isn't going to hurt him and that she isn't crying just to bother him.

Molly loves this house. She loves having her own room and more space. We plan on cooking a lot in our big kitchen once I can put Macey down more.

Macey loves to be held and isn't happy for long doing anything else. I know that this too will improve. Right now she is sleeping in her bassinet so she is getting better already. She is just so adorable and sweet. I am so in love with her.

Bobby has just got to be the best husband ever. He helps so much and is just so nice to me. I am so lucky. He loves this house so that makes me happy. He also loves that we sort of have our own bathroom.

All in all we are all happy, lol. Now if we can just get all this stuff unpacked we will be thrilled!


kristi said...

Can't wait to see the pics!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing pictures, too! I'm glad you're all settling in. =) Maybe your baby would like to be worn in a sling or something? Then your hands would be free to do things, yet you still are (sort of) holding her. Just a thought. I know it's so hard in the beginning!!

Betsy said...

Hi! It was great catching up with you here! Your new baby is so sweet! Glad you like your new home and are starting to get settled!