Thursday, December 17, 2009

I think I've got morning sickness late...

I have been feeling sick after I eat every day for the last week. It's a bummer. I hope it doesn't continue these next few weeks. I can't wait to have this baby to snuggle and also to feel better.

Parker has been doing awesome! His teacher tell me everyday something new that he has accomplished! They say it's like a light just went on for him. I am so proud of my angel. He is doing so great! I can't wait for Christmas. I know he is going to be so excited to open his presents! (He is not excited for the baby though, lol)

Molly is doing great. She has a concert at school tonight and even has a solo. She is in the choir this year. She really likes it. Her grades have been great and she's excited about the baby.

We are still looking for a place to rent. We may have to stay at this house one more month if all else fails, I sure hope not though.

I am not in the packing/cleaning mode since feeling sick and very tired. Here's hoping we find out soon either way.

That's about it for an update. Have a very merry Christmas!


Mary (MPJ) said...

I had that same thing with my pregnancies and it turned out to be acid reflux. My OB recommended Tums, because it's calcium, so safe for baby. But I always liked to just eat extra ice cream instead. ;) Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.

cure to morning sickness said...

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