Saturday, September 26, 2009

Teeth problems

Oh how I wish this was over already. I have another bad tooth and I think I just want it pulled. The dentist doesnt want to but a root canal terrifys me. Ive been worrying about it every day. Oh well, its my mouth. If I wasnt pregnant, Id ask for gas.


Jenn said...

Dental problems are the worst. I actually found out I ws pregnant from my dentist. My teeth were falling apart because Mason was sucking all the calcium out of them. You may want to check into that.
Go for the root canal though. The pain is a day versus, several when having a tooth pulled. Trust me i am a baby when it comes to the dentist. I used to have to be fully sedated to even have my teeth cleaned.
Good luck with it all.

Marshella said...

I feel your pain. My wisdom teeth didn't even start growing until I was pregnant with my first. I ended up having a lot of dental problems every time I was pregnant. And I did have a root canal with my last pregnancy. I don't think I had gas but there is pain medicine they can give you - it's kind of fast acting and they have to work quicker than leaving you sit for 45 minutes letting the meds kick in like normal, but it's safe during pregnancy. Just a thought. Hope you feel better.

Jessica said...

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EDWARD said...

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