Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi again...

At the library today. Parker is being very patient with me. Things are going good with us. Potty training is going ok. I have to get some prizes today. Yesterday we went swimming in Garberville. It was really fun. We found a great park near the lake that we will definately be going back to. Molly got a little car sick since we took the scenic route.

We may get our little pool out today. I think it's warm enough. We've had some excitement going on around here lately. We may catch everyone up on Thursday.

Till then, have a great summer!


The Ninja Boy said...

Hi Mixed blessings,

I'm glad that I found your blog, that you lead a happy life with your kids, Molly and Parker. Its inspiring. I will revisit you soon for sure. Hv pleasant days always.

Betsy Brock said...

Just checking in on your summer. I'm guessing you are doing alright! Good luck with the potty training! Won't that be wonderful!